1800Mbps Gigabit HomePlug AV2 MIMO Pass Through

Unparalleled Speed Capabilities
Heralding the next generation of high-speed powerline adapters is Sineoji’s gigabit-class 1800Mbps MIMO HomePlug. The world’s first 1800Mbps HomePlug powerline adapter is designed with unparalleled speed capabilities to empower powerline networking users with prime performance of their powerline networks. Perfect for HD /3D multi-player streaming and gaming, Sineoji PL1800EP promises to excite users and dramatically enhance user experience.

Noise-filtered Pass Through
An integrated AC Pass Through allows for additional flexibility of connecting a power strip to the HomePlug, hence enabling more power outlets to be deployed. Similar to the existing range of Sineoji HomePlugs, PL1800EP is designed to be compact in size for a practical fit for power outlets.

MIMO Beamforming Technology
The superior HomePlug delivers breakneck gigabit-class speeds with Multiple Input and Multiple Output (MIMO) beamforming technology. MIMO beamforming gives users the additional benefit of increased signal coverage in the home, enabling high-speed multimedia HD content distribution to every electrical outlet for HD media streaming and lag-free online gaming.