PL500EW 500Mbps Powerline Wireless Range Extender

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Sineoji PL500EW sets up a stable and secure wall-to-wall personal home network wirelessly or via Ethernet cable at up to 300Mbps wireless speed or up to 500Mbps powerline speed. Users can expect to carry out bandwidth-intensive online applications across media devices and what’s more, stream HD content wirelessly to their favourite spot at the loft, balcony or bedroom upstairs.

Wireless connectivity is easily extended by plugging Sineoji PL500EW to any existing HomePlug network to increase wireless coverage to blind spots. In multi-storey homes and large apartments where wireless connectivity may be erratic and inconsistent with users experiencing blind spots, the wireless 500Mbps HomePlug is beneficial for users who desire both wired and wireless connectivity.

Fast and easy installation with one-button WPS feature

Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) button allows users to automatically add the Wireless HomePlug to their home network without entering the password of the existing broadband router.

Dual Ethernet ports

The 500Mbps HomePlug AV device is designed with two Ethernet ports to enable connectivity to more devices such as media player, Internet TV or game console.


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